PC-Workx - Personalized IT Services and Solutions



We provide advanced networking critical to business at reasonable rates. From Firewalls to intrusion detection, wireless and security to switch, router, proxy and data center design - you can be assured that the engineer personally knows your environment  - and is a familiar 'face' with out hand off from person to person so that you know your environment is safe and secure.


From the creation of new servers / sites to troubleshooting and tuning systems to meet business's needs - an all encompassing approach is followed to insure integrity, security and reliability of the system.
We trouble shoot and repair many typical server problems and will work with manufactures to make sure items are properly cover under warranty while minimizing down time.
Our staff is well versed in many server areas including all aspects of Microsoft's technologies (i.e. Exchange, Active Directory, domain planning, etc.) as well as Linux including Samba and Apache support.

WORKSTATIONS (PC's and Laptops)

We repair and service all major brands of computers either on premises or with free pickup and deliver within the local area. 
Some of the common services we provide are:
- Hard drive upgrades and / or replacement.
- Memory upgrades, component replacement (i.e. power supply)
- Virus / Spyware / Malware removal services (our number 1 request and specialty)
- Data recovery services
- OS Reinstall
- Hardware upgrades
- Software upgrades and configuration
- secure remote support services for desktops

We can also act as your liaison as you try to get warranty repair from the manufacturer of you PC (i.e. Dell, HP, etc.).

Our rates for home PC's is $60/hr, $200 max for repairs not including parts. Estimates are $45 and are applied to the final bill if the repaired is approved / authorized by the customer.


We provide remote desktop support services for desktops and servers. Easy and secure system. Just follow the steps below to receive remote desktop support.
- contact us at (845) 639-0367

- navigate to the team viewer web site here: Teamviewer

- Click on the green Download button. Save the file to your PC, then run the file.

- Once launched, make note of the numeric ID and password provided under the "Allow Remote Control" section. (We find this ideal as the application uses a different password overtime launched ensuring security). Contact us buy phone and provide the ID and password to start the remote session - its that easy.